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Custonomy and Biconomy Team Up to Optimized the Web3 Experience with No-Code AA Integration

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Custonomy and Biconomy partnership - Innovating Web3 Wallets with Multi-Party Computation and Account Abstraction solutions.
Custonomy and Biconomy collaborate to redefine Web3 Wallet experiences through the no-code integration of MPC and AA technologies.

We're excited to announce a pivotal partnership between Custonomy and Biconomy, aimed at merging our respective strengths to provide an innovative solution that enhances the blockchain experience for our users. This collaboration signifies an important step towards the no-code integration of advanced Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Account Abstraction (AA) technologies.

Custonomy, a leading MPC solution provider, and Biconomy, a pioneer in AA solutions, are joining forces to create a seamless and secure user experience. Our partnership aims to blend the robust security of Custonomy's MPC solution with the flexibility of Biconomy's AA offering to cater to the diverse needs of the digital asset marketplace.

Our alliance's main objective is to bring together two technologies that revolutionize key management and account flexibility. This no-code integration of MPC and AA sets a new industry standard for blockchain security and usability, enabling a more accessible and intuitive approach to digital asset management.

Raymond Lam, CTO and Co-Founder of Custonomy, commented on the long-term collaboration, "The implementation of Account Abstraction within our MPC wallet has transformed the experience for both end users and developers. Now, end users can execute transactions without gas fees and reclaim assets with remarkable ease. For developers, this no-code integration eliminates the necessity for extra coding, streamlining the process and rendering our solution extremely user-friendly and efficient. By significantly minimizing the complexity for traditional web2 developers and enterprises in adopting account abstraction, we aim to enhance the end-user experience, enabling a transition to web3 and expanding their market reach.”

Aniket Jindal, COO and Co-founder of Biconomy, notes, “We’re excited to partner Custonomy to support the growth of the web3 community. This partnership takes our core vision of empowering developers with simplified UX through our Account Abstraction-powered Smart Accounts, transforming the wallet layer into a programmable, highly customisable execution layer. This in turn allows easier onboarding and retention of users, which would be key to mass adoption for wallets and dApp-builders across web3."

This partnership signifies a momentous step forward in our mission to provide superior solutions to the digital asset industry. Together, Custonomy and Biconomy are poised to lead the way in secure, flexible, and accessible blockchain solutions. This is only the beginning, and we look forward to exploring the immense possibilities this collaboration brings. Stay tuned for more updates!


For more information please contact:

Biconomy Head of BD, Head of Brand & PR,

Biconomy is setting UX standards for seamless web3 transactions. An Account Abstraction-compliant developer toolkit that enables developers to deliver web2-like experiences in their dApps, Biconomy has on-boarded over 4M unique users across 400+ dApps while partnering companies such as JP Morgan, DYDX, The Sandbox, and Decentraland.


About Custonomy

Custonomy simplifies Web3 adoption for enterprises, mirroring the ease of Web2 while solving technical challenges. Our solutions, using MPC technology, protect digital assets and simplify key management. We expedite Web3 projects, improve customer experiences, and boost user adoption, offering a secure and efficient digital environment for businesses and their users.

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