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Chain Agnostic Wallet
Exchange Integration
Support Native Staking
Dapp Integration

Custonomy Custody Platform

An Unified Platform to Safeguard Your Digital Assets

An comprehensive, institutional-grade wallet solves the challenges you face when adopting digital assets

Secured by MPC

Maximum Security and Control

Experience maximum security and control over your digital assets with an ultra-secure custody solution, grounded in multilayered MPC technology.

Chain Agnostic

Chain agnostic​

The versatility of multi-party computation (MPC) technology enables a platform that supports various blockchain networks and different types of tokens.

Built for Business

Built for your enterprise ​

Our solution is intentionally tailored, with the unique needs of enterprises being our primary focus. Equip your business with a tool designed specifically for you.

Enterprises struggle with secure, efficient, and interoperable management of digital assets across various blockchain platforms, inhibiting their full engagement and benefit from the digital economy.

A Platform Designed for Your Team

Unified Digital Asset and RWA Platform for Your Team

Unified Digital Asset Custody Platform for Your Team 

An all-in-one platform for digital asset custody, featuring a purpose-built hot wallet designed for teams and enterprises. Users can effortlessly access and manage wallets assigned to various teams and purposes, ensuring streamlined management, enhanced security, and improved collaboration.

Automated Company Policies

Enforce Your Policy with Customized Security

Empower your organization by implementing threshold signing, where designated team members act as signers. Tailor approval policies to meet your unique business and compliance requirements, ensuring optimal security and control for your wallets.

Custonomy Dapp Support.png

Dapp Integration

Enable your team to integrate Dapps for access to decentralized platforms, marketplaces, exchanges, finance, and more. Additionally, Wallet Connect offers a seamless connection to numerous Dapps as an option.

Dapp Integration Modal
Make Staking Easy
Custonomy Staking Session

Stake Securely

Stake assets directly from wallets and generate returns while seamlessly optimizing co-owned investments for stakeholders. Stay protected with slashing insurance against staking risks.

Custonomy CEX Withdraw Summary.png

Seamless and Secure Exchange Integration

Seamless withdrawal and deposit from exchanges. Manage all exchange assets in one place, streamlining asset management processes and reducing time and effort across multiple platforms.

Multi-chain Compatible

Multi-chains Compatible

Manage diverse digital assets across multiple blockchains, enhanced by the robust security of multi-party computation.

Supported Tokens

A Solution That Grows With You


  • 3 Secret Shards

  • 4 Users

  • 40 Wallets/Addresses

  • 300 Transaction per Month

  • 6 Policy Rules


  • 5 Secret Shards

  • 10 Users

  • 100 Wallets/Addresses

  • 600 Transaction per Month

  • 10 Policy Rules


  • Bespoke

  • API


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