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Make web3 easy for you and your users

Web3asy, an embedded non-custodial MPC wallet for your project. No single point of failure. Simple social login. No seed phrases. 

Graphic ready. Tech ready. Concept is great.
But you are missing the most important part.

It's important to go beyond just a well-working website and integrate the experience into the real world. You need make all the things easy and welcoming. A strong user onboarding experience will allow a project to stand out among all its competitors and be more likely to attract new users. The question, then, is how do we make the user experience of your project better?

“The user experience in this new ecosystem is not yet ready for mainstream adoption. Security is also a concern: until users have peace of mind.”

Success Stories - Bridging Web3 Innovation

eDay HKTDC Web3 Experience:

Introduced layman visitors to the world of Web3, enabling them to engage in activities like collecting Coupon NFTs at seminars and redeeming them at shops, as well as participating in a lucky draw with collected NFTs right at the venue, all through our user-friendly Web3asy platform.

WOW Summit Official Wallet:

Enhanced the WOW Summit experience by providing a seamless digital asset management solution, facilitating secure and efficient interactions for attendees.

Ready to Elevate Your Project? Custonomy is more than just a Web3 wallet provider. Our Web3asy platform is designed to help you integrate Web3 technologies seamlessly into your events, projects, or businesses. Whether you're looking to create immersive experiences, streamline transactions, or secure digital assets, we've got you covered.

“Moving further into a world that blends the physical and digital may require greater integration, more modern standards and protocols, and capabilities that give people more control of their digital selves—their identity and representation, what they own, and who has access to the data they create.”

Beyond simple social login, Web3asy brings your desired customer experience to your web3 project.


Easy and User-friendly Onboarding

Users can create a Web3 wallet with social login without private key management and seed phrases.

Web3 Wallet with Passwordless Access - Powered by Passkeys

Passkeys provide a cohesive and secure sign-in experience across various devices, leveraging biometrics and public key encryption. This eradicates the need for conventional passwords, minimizing the chances of security breaches. Users can now access their web3 wallet without the hassle of entering textual passwords.

Unified User Experience.png

Unified User Experience - Web2 Web3 combined

In-game user blockchain transaction makes gamefi in action. Your web2 game can quickly embeds those gamefi contract and transaction as like a whole.

Gasless Transactions and Secure Social Recovery

Eliminate user drop-offs by covering transaction gas fees on their behalf, ensuring a seamless experience free from gas cost concerns. Additionally, empower your users with our cutting-edge MPC plus Account Abstraction (ERC-4337 compatible contract wallet) technology, enabling easy and secure account recovery. Users can collaboratively regain access to their accounts without ever sharing private keys.

Social Recovery.png

Accelerate your project to market

Low code integration into your project to speed up the time to reach your users while providing the enterprise grade security to your project.

Easy to Deploy.png

Grow your project adoption with 1-click checkout

Frictionless minting/purchase process that is friendly to novice and veteran users alike without digital asset on hand. Offer your users the ease of 1-click checkout for swift web3 asset purchases with credit cards. It ensures seamless transactions between buyers and sellers, enhancing the trading experience on your platform. 

Multi-chains compatible

Launch your project on any preferred chain without the fear of network restrictions.

Build confidence for your users

Protect your users’ digital assets by extending the MPC security to them.

The unparalleled usability that a web3 wallet can offer

Exchange / Custody Wallet
Regular Non-custodial Wallet
Control your own keys
Connect to external DeFi protocol
Multi-chains compatible
Social recovery
Social login
Extensive functions
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