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Autonomous Like Your Personal Wallet, Secure Like a Bank Vault 

An institutional grade crypto-asset key management solution secured by state-of-art cryptography with granular access control mathematically built in

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Secure Multi-party Computation

Embeds hierarchical threshold signature scheme, allowing ultra-secure transaction signing with mathematically enforced granular access control.

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Complete Autonomy

Looking to secure assets within your own premises or go hardwareless?   Our solution offers flexible deployment options.  An Advanced Policy Engine is designed meet emerging institutional and regulatory demands.

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Need a wallet that can support new and future assets? Custonomy is asset agnostic with secure MPC to ensure your assets’ safety. Your company can also integrate with our API to sign custom transactions.


Our Uniqueness

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Secure as cold,

transact as hot

All your assets are cryptographically safeguarded and can be transacted efficiently with complete peace of mind.  Extendable insurance coverage provides double protection.

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Full control with confidence

Rules can be automated to govern transactions based on different criteria and combinations

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Grow with your business

Scalable and extensible preparing your growth of business under an affordable and predictable cost.


Security should never compromise versatility 

Our solution provides a perfect balance between security and versatility. While protecting your crypto-assets in a highly autonomous environment, we “crypto-enable” your business with faster time-to-market at minimal cost.

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