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Secure and streamlined, our non-custodial enterprise wallet suite safeguards your digital assets and your customers

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Maximum security. Dozens of chains. Made for your enterprise.

The easy way to onboard your native crypto customers and newbies alike.

Bring your Web3 ideas to market: faster, easier and secure.

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Time is money

Few days to market, instead of weeks or months.

So you can focus on development and launch your Web3 quickly.

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Plug and Play

Designed to develop easier and customizable.

Happy Devs, happy customers.

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Grow with Confidence

MPC tech gives you security with one single key management platform.

The perfect balance of Security and Flexibility.

Supported Tokens

Use Case

Whatever your business, we have it covered.

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We’re excited to partner Custonomy to support the growth of the web3 community. This partnership takes our core vision of empowering developers with simplified UX through our Account Abstraction-powered Smart Accounts, transforming the wallet layer into a programmable, highly customisable execution layer. This in turn allows easier onboarding and retention of users, which would be key to mass adoption for wallets and dApp-builders across web3.

Aniket Jindal, COO and Co-founder of Biconomy

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Member of

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Let us help you get to Web3 Market faster, securely and make it easier for your Dev & Fintech teams.


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