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Proud of our Patent: Multi-tier Threshold MPC Wallet

Updated: Jul 17

CEO Keith Hung received the newly received patent certificate

Our CEO, Keith Hung, has always believed in pushing the envelope, and today, we have the honor of celebrating the embodiment of this ethos. We're thrilled to announce that Keith has been awarded a patent for the ground-breaking Multi-layer Threshold MPC Wallet. This landmark innovation holds the potential to uplift security standards across the industry, offering particularly significant advantages for enterprises.

To give you a little context, Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is a cryptographic technique that enables multiple parties to collaboratively compute a function while preserving the privacy of their individual inputs. Imagine sharing a secret without having to divulge your part of the information – that's what MPC can do.

The patented technology goes a step further by integrating a novel multi-layer threshold mechanism into the MPC Wallet. By splitting authorization controls across multiple layers, each with its unique decision-making threshold, the system fortifies security against single point failures and ensures a greater integrity of transactions.

But what's even more exciting is that this patent isn't just a certificate on our wall; it's a potent tool that's already enhancing our product offerings. We're proud to share that our Custonomy Custody platform now features the patented Multi-layer Threshold MPC Wallet, offering clients an unprecedented level of protection for their digital assets.

This patent and its implementation into our platform is a victory for every member of our team. Achieving a patent is no small feat. It represents years of tenacity, countless brainstorming sessions, relentless problem-solving, and unwavering dedication. It's a testament to our team's ability to think differently, to innovate, and to bring ideas to life. Today, we celebrate not just a patent, but the passion, the grit, and the spirit of our extraordinary team that made it possible.

However, rest assured, our sights are set even higher. This patent is not the finish line but a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to shape the future of digital security. As we look ahead, we're more committed than ever to bring forth industry-leading solutions, to continue innovating, and to carry the torch of digital security into a safer, more secure future.

So, here's to our team, to our achievements, and to the many milestones yet to come. After all, the future of digital security is here, and it's brighter and safer with Custonomy.

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