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Custonomy and Holdex partner to offer startups access to leading-edge digital asset custody solution

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Logos of Holdex and Custonomy displayed side by side, symbolizing their strategic partnership in the crypto startup ecosystem.
Logos of Holdex and Custonomy displayed side by side, symbolizing their strategic partnership in the web3 startup ecosystem.

Hong Kong, 22 February 2022: Custonomy, the award-winning digital asset custody solution startup, today announced its partnership with Holdex, a financial technology software provider, that will enable both companies to create value and growth opportunities for web3 startups and project owners by complementing and enhancing their respective product offerings: a ground-breaking, secure MPC key management solution by Custonomy and an advisory and accelerator program by Holdex.

Web3 startups will have access to Custonomy’s award-winning, industry recognised enterprise-level MPC custody solution in which they can securely manage their digital assets and simultaneously will be able to launch their projects with Holdex’s industry expertise.

With global interest in web3 assets rapidly growing, from Christie’s auction house selling the first-ever web3 artwork for US$69.3 million to a “Nyan Cat” GIF selling for US$600,000, pushing the value of the web3 market into US$41 billions according to JP Morgan latest research, supporting web3 and smart contract lifecycle management will make it possible for project owners to keep their web3 collections and related smart contracts secure both for enterprises and their customers by leveraging Custonomy’s institutional-grade, ultra secure MPC hierarchical key management solution that manages, stores and transacts digital assets.

Commenting on the long-term collaboration with Holdex, Keith Hung, CEO and Co-Founder of Custonomy, said: “We are very proud of this partnership because we believe we can create more value for the digital assets ecosystem by leveraging our synergies with Holdex.

“At Custonomy, our MPC custody solution is designed to support enterprises and institutional investors to engage securely with their digital assets and enable mass adoption. Now Holdex platform customers have assurances of maximum security that their assets will be safe from cyber theft and misappropriation.”

Holdex’s co-founder and CEO Vadim Zolotokrylin commented that - “Our team is very excited to partner with Custonomy for two reasons. First, their value-first-driven spirit resonates with ours. And secondly, Custonomy's innovative MPC solution is one of the best to use nowadays when we are talking about secure asset management.”

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About Custonomy

Custonomy is an award-winning, digital asset custody solution startup. Hong Kong-based Custonomy was founded in 2020 by a group of cryptographic, digital customer experience and enterprise solution experts in response to a growing need for investors and asset owners to protect their digital assets from cyberspace theft. We focus on applying mathematically-embedded cryptographic technologies to blockchain security. Custonomy offers an award-winning, ground-breaking, institutional-grade, ultra secure enterprise key management solution that manages, stores and transacts digital assets. Our mission is to help and support enterprises by providing best-in-class security solutions to safeguard all kinds of digital assets.

About Holdex

Holdex is a financial technology software provider with a focus on making fundraising easy and affordable for startups. It is Asia’s leading decentralized cloud-based platform where digital asset companies manage their token sales and connect with a large community of backers. The company’s vision is to provide startups with an ever-broader set of financial services to assist them through their full financial cycle, from early stage rounds to pre-IPO. At the ground level, these services range from KYC/AML checks, due diligence services and blockchain-based eSignature document verification services, to the provision of technical, legal, and marketing assistance and expertise.


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