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A single trustless custody and security platform to safeguard your crypto and NFTs

Our comprehensive, institutional-grade custody solution solves the challenges you face when adopting digital assets

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Maximum Security and Control

We provide an ultra-secure custody solution based on multi layer MPC technology. This gives you maximum security and control over your NFT.


Chain agnostic​

Our solution is chain agnostic. This means you still get to enjoy the benefits of other chains.


Built for your enterprise ​

We’ve purposely designed our solution with enterprises in mind.

Don’t lose your commercial idea because of technical obstacles and technology delays

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Short Time to Market

Beat your time pressures when launching NFTs

Our solution empowers you to quickly and easily launch and develop your NFT business

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Plug n Play

Purposely designed, fully customisable solution for NFT owners and custodians

We offer a ready-made platform for you to grow your crypto business

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Grow with your business

MPC technology gives you security through one single key management platform  

Our NFT Custody Solution gives you a perfect balance between security and flexibility

Supported Tokens

Use Case

Whatever your business, we have it covered.

Trusted by

“We are very impressed with the technical capability, innovative solution and supreme execution power of Custonomy.”

Edmond Lau, CFO of Babel Capital

A Solution That Grows With You

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