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Custonomy Air-gapped MPC Cold Vault

Collaborative Cold Vault Designed for Teams

Protecting Your Digital Assets, Always

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True air-gapped cold vault

Protect your digital assets in a 100% offline environment, shielded from all attacks.

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No single point
of failure

Secure your private key by decentralizing it into multiple partial key shards held by designated individuals based on your business needs.

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Get access to a turnkey digital asset custody platform, with no development required.

Establishing best practices for enterprise security is never easy, especially when it comes to cold storage of crypto assets.

Implementing security measures for digital assets storage is straightforward for individual ownership, with standard hardware wallets offering robust protection. However, when it comes to shared ownership scenarios like teams, families, or enterprises, these wallets present challenges. Their susceptibility to loss, theft, or damage becomes a heightened concern. Moreover, they often don't align with compliance procedures for shared assets, making it problematic when multiple stakeholders are involved."

Incorporating Best Practices by Design


Security Conscious Shipping and Tamper-Proof Detection

The tamper-proof delivery ensures that the cold vault hardware is not tampered with during transit or in the user's absence, protecting against evil maid attacks. The TamperGuard USB is connected to the Cold Vault while booting, and a green LED on the TamperGuard USB confirms that the Cold Vault has not been tampered with.


Always Offline:
No Bluetooth and WiFi Modules Installed

The cold vault intentionally excludes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, eliminating potential attack vectors and ensuring uninterrupted security.

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Easy Key Ceremony and Dual-level Security with Key-Guard USB

All individual cryptographic keys are generated directly on the cold vault offline and are not stored by the provider. They are further protected by the keyguard USB, ensuring enhanced security.

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Multi-tier Threshold Signing

Flexible Threshold Combinations: Tailor Security and Adaptability for Storing Assets to Your Business Needs and Organization Structure.


Multi-Chain Support

Unlike multi-signature (MultiSigs) approaches that do not support every blockchain, the MPC is chain-agnostic and can be applied to many different blockchains, such as BTC, ETH, EVM, TRON, SOL, and more.

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Optical Mobile Sync keeps secret keys and signatures offline while enabling interactions with the outside world.

The mobile app companion allows users to easily share cold storage addresses and unlock assets using encrypted QR code scanning, ensuring the highest level of offline security for their secrets.

Note: Custonomy Air-Gapped Cold Vault comes as a laptop pre-installed with Custonomy Cold Vault software. Once an order is confirmed, Custonomy will deliver the hardware in selected brands, models, and specifications.

3 Steps Cold Storage Implementation for Enterprises. Collaborative cold storage never so simple.


Designate a Signer Team

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Unlike traditional single-person security, opt for a team approach to collectively protect shared assets in cold storage.


Setup a Tailored Cold Wallet

Setup Wallet.png

Form cold wallets with tailored signing schemes (1-2, 2-3, or composite threshold) for your organization, and choose a joint signer team for each scheme.


Keep in a Secure Location


Ensure the cold vault is secure from theft, damage, or destruction while maintaining adherence to regulatory requirements.

Crypto Cold Vault Comparison

Paper Wallet
USB Hardware Wallet
In-house Device
Custonomy Cold Vault
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