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Powering non-custodial trades

Cosig is the first protocol that enables secure p2p exchange of assets across major blockchains

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No cumbersome custody

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Support all types of crypto assets

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Easy to integrate

Can you bear custodial risk?

Over $11 billion worth of cryptocurrencies has been stolen in different crypto hacking incidents since 2011. Click here for more hacking horrors. Something is wrong with the way cryptos are traded. Now cosig offers a better way to trade.



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No custodial risk

Secure by design (TSS) 

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Save custody cost

Eliminate custody process

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Faster time to market

Provide ready-to-run template sample

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Lower integration cost

Simple api integration


Use Case

Game Assets Marketplace

Increase initial sales with non-native chain tokens and promote secondary market 

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Use Case

Auction House

Ensure a secure auction settlement process  


Use Case

Instant Exchange

Universal protocol that supports all types of token to allow faster time to market

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Use Case

Agency OTC Desk

Become a trustless OTC and provide a secure settlement environment for your customer

Why cosig matters for your business?

Cosig is a bi-directional crypto assets exchange service that removes the need for placing trust in escrow or counterparties. Cosig applies TSS (Threshold Signature Scheme) to generate a trustless escrow wallet, so no single party can unlock the escrow wallet throughout the trade. Compared with ordinary multisig, TSS is universal, stealth and flexible.


Learn more about how cosig, our patented protocol, is based on TSS, a well-known, respected, universal stealth multisig technology.

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